Online Registration:

  • An automatic entry confirmation is sent via email immediately letting you know you have completed the online entry successfully
  • A confirmation e-mail from the tournament director will be sent upon receipt of online entry verifying your registration information
    • Mail payment to: PA Softball, 274 Stuart Road, Carlisle, PA 17015
      • Please include some form of team identification on the check: coach, team name, age group, tournament(s) is helpful
  • Upon receipt of payment from your treasurer, a confirmation email will be sent noting your acceptance into the tournament
  • Make sure you hit continue on the next page once you submit the entry.
  • For tournaments with a 2 or 3 day option, please select the 3 day tournament on the registration form below. We will know based on payment whether or not you plan to play Friday as well. Memorial Day, Independence Day, and the Showcase do not have 2 day options.
  • No entry is complete without receiving the entry fee. Although we use an online tournament entry process, we still accept teams on a first come, first served manner, based on the date received. The online reistration simply indicates you plan to attend, and gives us an opportunity to let you know whether or not we still have room. Teams who have submitted registrations will be listed in the 'online entrants' section, enabling you to see how the tournament is progressing. This does not constitute entry in the tournament, rather that you have completed a registration with intent to attend. The entrants section is usually updated weekly. Typically within a week of receiving payment you will be notified by email and we will also indicate a "Y" in the paid column of the entrants page. Teams with a "Y" are confirmed for the tournament.
  • If you are entering within 2 weeks of a tournament, please call to check availability (717.300.1300). If room is available, you will be asked to pay immediately by credit card to hold a spot.
  • Please read our FAQ Page before registering for a tournament. The FAQ page, along with the tournament information page, should be able to answer most questions.
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